Euro bank account in the Netherlands


Why is it important to open euro bank account before going to work in the Netherlands?

The main reason you decided to go to work in the Netherlands is to earn more money and to grow as a person easier. So you don't want to be in a situation where you won't be able to withdraw your money because you are not able to open a bank account. So here is some brief information on what it means to already have an euro account before you go to work in the Netherlands.

Open euro bank account

The euro account is a must for any worker who wants to work in the Netherlands. But many of those who have to express this desire are not 100% ready, and among other things, they have to prepare and they have to make sure that they have an account in the first place.

In the Netherlands, payment is done in euros, and an euro account can be opened at most banks in the country of origin of the workers. Why do you need to do this before you arrive in the Netherlands, instead of opening an euro account directly on your arrival?

Because it's not that simple.

Although people used to open euro bank account directly in the country where they went to work, this is just not that simple anymore. This is because more and more countries have higher requirements for opening these accounts. Among those countries is the Netherlands. If you want to open euro bank account in the Netherlands, you will first need to obtain citizenship or a residence permit. For these documents, you need other important papers, for which you usually have to wait a few months.

So, in the 30 or 60 days that you have to wait for your BSN, residence permit, or other important documents, you will have nowhere to receive your salary.

If it is in your country, you will always be able to use it.

It is not advisable to open an euro account abroad, even if it is very simple. If you've been to Italy for work so far and you have an account there, should you open one in the Netherlands? Certain transfers cannot be made, or you may run into incompatibilities between banks. Not to mention that after you leave a country, you'll have to close that account.

If you open one in your home country, you don't have to worry about maintaining that account, closing it, or any other process. An euro account can be used in most European Union countries at no additional charge.

How to open an euro bank account 

Opening an euro is not a complicated thing at all. All you have to do is choose your favorite bank. Ideally, you should choose a bank where you already have an account. You must take a copy of your ID card with you, go to the nearest bank office, and express your wish to open an euro bank account.

The bank representative will discuss all the details with you, and you will probably have to pay a card issuance fee. Don't forget to discuss with your bank representative the fees for the euro account, how many transactions you are allowed to make per month, and what additional fees may arise.

Once you have received from the bank the card and the contract where the information about the IBAN is entered, you can safely sign the contract by filling in the card details of your new euro account.


Because it is becoming more and more difficult to open euro bank account, wouldn't it be better to leave home prepared?

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